Awoco FT-1M18 18 W Metal Wall Mount Sticky Fly Trap Lamp for Capturing Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths and Flying Insects (Fly Trap)


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  • [Quiet and Effective] - This Awoco sticky fly trap lamp is specifically designed to keep the living space or sanitary area free of pests, such as flies. Mosquitoes, moths and other small insects. Voltage: 110V AC, 60hz. Power: 18 Watts. Coverage up to 900 sq ft. Constructed with metal making it more durable. 58” long power cord with plug is included.
  • [Safe and Eco-Friendly Design] - The lamp utilizes the UV black light to attract pests to the lamp because of the irresistible light, which then captures the pests onto a sticky glue board. The glue boards are coated with a special non-toxic attractant that is safe to use. Glue boards should be replaced every 1 to 2 months for most effective results.
  • [Versatile] - Perfect for home, kitchen, restaurants, hotel, factory, supermarket, hospital, food industry, office and indoor places that have a lot of pests. Avoid installing the lamp outdoors where it’s exposed to the weather elements.
  • [Easy to Install and Maintain] - Easy to install with step by step instruction located in the description below and inside the package. Easy to maintain by changing the sticky glue board and replacing the UV bulbs after 5000 hours of normal operation.
  • [1 Year USA Limited Warranty on Fly Trap] - UV bulb is consumable depending on power condition which is a 3 months warranty. If the lightbulb fails within 3 months, contact us for a free UV bulb replacement limited to USA only. Awoco has UV bulbs and glue boards available. Lamp Overall Dimensions: 13"W x 8-3/8"D x 11"H. Glue Board Dimensions: 12-3/4" x 10-3/8".
  • [Replacement Glue Board] Please click on this link to choose the quantity and purchase:
  • [Replacement UV Bulb] Please click on this link to choose the quantity and purchase:

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