Compartment Sink Installation Guide

 Compartment Sink Installation Guide

List of Sinks

*It is recommended to have a licensed technician install this item


1) Insert the legs into the sockets under the sink and tighten with screws included. The leg braces should be on the left and right side.

2) Make sure sink is completely leveled and drain is centered. If not, adjust each leg until sink is leveled. Sink must be leveled to ensure that the water is properly drained.

3) Prepare tubing and pipes for faucet.

4) Install faucet. Connect tubing (not included) for the faucet.

5) Install strainer into the sink. Connect drain pipe (not included) to the sink.

6) To mount onto wall, drill the top of the back splash into the wall studs.



Bent or uneven back splash

  • ­­Sink may have been slightly bent during the shipping process.
  • For small bent corners, use pliers to straighten out corners.
  • This can be fixed by placing a small piece of wood or stack of cardboard on the front side of the back splash and hammering the wood or cardboard to straighten the back splash.
  • DO NOT hammer directly onto the sink, as this will cause more dents or damage.

Wall studs are too far apart

  • Use a longer piece of wood that reaches both wall studs.
  • Mount the wood onto the wall.
  • Mount the sink onto the piece of wood.